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Summer Intern Programme
Applications for our 2024/2025 Summer Intern Programme have now closed.

Welcome to the Tompkins Wake Summer Intern Programme. Our programme is purposely designed to offer an immersive experience within a busy full-service commercial law firm. We are dedicated to working with you to advance your legal knowledge, enhance your practical skills and build your confidence, ensuring you are well-equipped to excel in your future legal career. 

Over the course of our 12-week internship, you'll have the opportunity to work on real client files, participate in workshops and training sessions led by our experts, and engage with the community through our intern-led initiatives. Each intern is paired with a mentor who provides guidance, support and valuable feedback throughout the programme, as well as a buddy who will be your day-to-day contact.

Scroll down to discover what some of our recent summer interns had to say about their experience.

Be part of an award-winning law firm, invested in your future career development.

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Hear from our previous interns

"This internship provides a fantastic pathway into the field of law. The team here at Tompkins Wake are supportive, insightful, and passionate. The program offers a key insight into the passion and the intrigue of law, and the high-quality work that goes into achieving successful outcomes for clients. The culture at TW is incredible and will set a high standard for my future law endeavours."

Summer Intern 2023/2024

"The Summer Internship programme at TW gave me invaluable insight into the inner workings of a law firm. I was given the opportunity to assist with a large variety of client work, providing a useful context as to how the knowledge I gained during law school applies in practice. I had an incredibly supportive and welcoming team who were the cherry on the top of an already amazing experience."

Summer Intern 2023/2024

“The Intern Programme gave me a deeper understanding into what a career in law will look like. I was able to attend client meetings and presentations, sample a large variety of work, and gain insight from some incredible lawyers.”


Summer Intern 2023/2024

A summer internship with Tompkins Wake is a fantastic experience for any budding lawyer. The firm gets you straight into meaningful work, but always ensures you have the resources and support necessary to complete any tasks you're given. There's plenty of opportunity to get involved in the different components of legal practice, such as time in court or with clients. The internship leaves you feeling hungry to get into your legal career and you come away from the 11-week program with excellent practical experience that is hugely valuable for your development.

Dan McGill V-Card
Dan McGillSummer Intern 2022/2023

The Intern Program at T|W has played a key role in furthering my professional development. Since day one I have been exposed to a diverse range of engaging work and have felt valued by my colleagues. I have enjoyed working with a passionate team who are always willing to help and understand the importance of mentoring. That paired with high-quality training and an abundance of resources fosters innovative thinking and robust collaboration. There is a strong emphasis placed on work-life balance which is reflected by the energetic and upbeat culture of the firm.

Keeli for HubSpot
Keeli McNicholasSummer Intern 2021/2022

I have had such an invaluable experience during my summer internship with T|W. The program was well structured to immerse ourselves into life at T|W and what the future would hold there as junior lawyers. The company culture at T|W is amazing, everyone truly is incredibly supportive and encouraging. My experience within the program, particularly with the educational workshops has prepared me well to step into my graduate role at T|W.

Lucy for HubSpot
Lucy EdmondSummer Intern 2021/2022

The company culture at T|W is unmatched. It was amazing to be a part of a collaborative environment where you were both challenged and supported. The program has definitely helped me with transitioning into the next step of my career. The skills I have learned and the mentoring I have received has helped me develop my legal skills significantly. The most valuable experience I have gained from the program was the ability to be a part of the work undertaken and to see how the skills I had gained from University transferred into the real world.

Rebekah for HubSpot
Rebekah VercoeSummer Intern 2021/2022
Intern Programme 3



Not only will you develop your legal skills and your knowledge, but you'll develop lasting connections within your intern group, and the wider firm. 

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Coming on board with us as an intern is the best way to grow the skills you're learning at University and put them into practice. You'll be surrounded by specialists who want to see you succeed, and you'll always have someone available to help you.
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Knowing what to expect during your first legal job will give you the confidence to throw yourself into your first year. A lot of our current staff started at the firm as grads themselves! 

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