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Episode One

Tackling a downturn
in business

Episode One

Tackling a downturn in business

The past two years have presented numerous challenges for business and there are many lessons learned by those who've successfully navigated them. As we now face rising inflation, global uncertainty and adapt to post pandemic life, we provide you insights Off the Clock. Join Bryce, Hutch and Jono as they discuss with our host Catherine Bryant practical and effective steps to reduce the impact of a challenging trading environment and financial headwind on your business using their extensive knowledge and experience in this area.

"When it comes to sacred costs, I probably only have one, and that is key people. I've never seen someone regret having a good person and keeping them in their business."

- Jono Peart, Partner, Deloitte.


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Bryce Davey

Commercial Partner, Tompkins Wake



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Geoff Hutchinson

Managing Director, Backdoor

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Jono Peart

Partner, Deloitte

Deloitte Jono Peart


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