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Fair Pay Agreements: Part One

All about the Agreements

Fair Pay Agreements: Part One

All about the Agreements

The Fair Pay Agreements Act, the biggest employment law change in decades, takes effect on 1 December, 2022. Fair Pay Agreements (FPAs) have the potential to fundamentally change New Zealand’s employment landscape by setting minimum terms and conditions for all employees in a particular industry or occupation. Occupations with high union representation, such as cleaners, bus drivers, and supermarket workers will likely to be quick off the mark, and we may even see bargaining being initiated before the end of 2022.

Tompkins Wake Partner Daniel Erickson talks through the upcoming changes of the new Act in our first episode on the Fair Pay Agreements Act.

For more information on Fair Pay Agreements, view our article, All about the Agreements.

"At its core, the main purpose is to increase wages and provide better employment conditions for employees."

- Daniel Erickson, Employment Partner, Tompkins Wake


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